Interesting times...

Beloved has some free time, and we're going to spend it cooking. Tomorrow, I'm off to the outer reaches of Logan to sort out MeMum's tech troubles.

Beloved has PLNs for muffins. Chaos wants to have more Crack Slaw in her lunchbox. We're going to need smaller freezer boxes for that part of the party.

It's going to be a lot of shopping and I am glad that my Beloved is footing the bill TBH.

Adding to the Interesting Times is an email from some loser who thinks they can blackmail me. Like sure. If a post-it note actually fell off my compy cams, then you'd get lovely footage of me picking my nose in between reading Tumblr, watching murder cases on YouTube and occasionally writing something.

Nobody cares about my writing NOW. Your sorry ass sending it straight into their inbox isn't going to change shit.

Have fun ransoming people without money, arsehole.

Anyone out there willing to teach a newb how to doxx someone? The pedestrian look-up techniques failed me. Other than that, calling their bluff is also tempting.

The sane thing to do is to ignore it. But... I'm not entirely sane. I've been diagnosed and everything.

Anyway, since I have 24 hours to "respond", I'm going to get on with my plans.