Challenge #01711-D250: The Best of Luck

Lucker, who's "Gift" is to bring Luck to others - and makes a good living out of it. -- Knitnan

I don't take chances. In my case, it's a 100% chance that I'd fail. I know this is an absolute truth because I've been tested. Hi, I'm a Lucker. Your good luck is my fault. You're welcome. On the downside, I'm banned from every gambling establishment in Galactic Society.

Not for winning, oh no. I never win. I mentioned that. No. I make everyone else win. Within a ten SDU radius. And yes, it is spherical. I'm the one that every casino owner hates. I have an app that chimes when I'm getting too close to a legal gambling area. It makes getting around places quote-unquote fun, some times.

So why am I well off? Well, therein lies a tale. It's illegal to make money off of protection rackets, so I'm definitely not ransoming any casinos. Wouldn't think of it. My line of work lies elsewhere.

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