Interesting Times

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Challenge #01894-E070: Reverse the Polarity!

[Person 1]: You do realize that if this fails, (long list of results of failure) [Person 2]: eh... on second thought... [Person 1]: (proceeds to do the thing) -- TheDragonsFlame

"Okay. Okay! Ooohhh... kay..." said the Ship's Human. "Okay, we could run the ion ejectors backwards. Reverse the polarity of the magnetic engines, sucking in the trail we left for up to three clicks. That'll give us enough exhaust to propel us to the cloud and fully refuel.... I think."

"You do realise that if this move fails, we could be looking at a catastrophic engine failure, overload, and possible fusion reaction sparking on our tail."

"Huh," said Human Steph. "I guess we could just -Idunno- shuffle our socks on the carpet for half an hour and just flakkin' zap the fuel tank. That'd get us ions."

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Interesting times...

Beloved has some free time, and we're going to spend it cooking. Tomorrow, I'm off to the outer reaches of Logan to sort out MeMum's tech troubles.

Beloved has PLNs for muffins. Chaos wants to have more Crack Slaw in her lunchbox. We're going to need smaller freezer boxes for that part of the party.

It's going to be a lot of shopping and I am glad that my Beloved is footing the bill TBH.

Adding to the Interesting Times is an

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