Challenge #03268-H359: Unexpected Kindness

They had managed to turn their hobby into quite the lucrative business. Setting up in one of the busiest Alliance stations, their business, a confectionery shop specializing in homemade candies using recipes from Earth before the Shattering, was especially popular with families. And now, of course, was their favorite past time with all the extra Time they had after paying their bills, though they always made sure to set some aside in savings, shopping! It seemed like every day a new package was arriving. Knives, swords, gifts for friends, decorations for the confectionery shop, etc. And then the special day came, and they were super excited. They'd managed to rescue their entire family from the Deregger world that they, themselves, had escaped from so long ago, so they were getting to decorate the quarters they were going to surprise their family with, who was scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is a Microfiction Prompt, in which the prompt is a story on its own. These give me the LEAST flexibility, because my only options are (a) re-tell the story you gave me, but longer, or (b) go straight to the epilogue of your story. Not great for me. Please do not send me Microfiction Prompts]

As far as transportation went, this one was nicer than anything they'd known. The Corporate Police had lead them into the cargo bay in chains. Five seconds after the ship broke orbit, someone came down and released them from their shackles. Then that same someone encouraged them into the rest of the ship.

It was splendid. Seemingly custom made for them to travel in comfort and style. So clean and so pretty. With so many real plants.

It was terrifying. This was a trap. Their new owner was setting them up for a great debt that they would never pay in generations. Even more frightening, there were no cameras, no guards, and no recording devices that they could see.

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