Saturday, Day 0, Happy New Year!

Plague news: 3 119 new cases, 3 118 local, 1 import. There's 11 697 total active cases, 127 in hospital, with one of those in the ICU.

Vax news:

  • Australia's at 94.4% first vax,
  • 91.4 fully vaxxed
  • Queensland's at 90.7% first vax,
  • 86.6% fully vaxxed
  • NT is still in last place at 89.2% first vax,
  • 84.3% fully vaxxed

It's 2022 here in Sunny Queensland and so far, it's been raining. I have no further PLNs than to feed my starters and make my Bikkie. After that, I shall be working on little things until I just don't want to.

My New Years' Resolutions:

  1. Learn what I can about finishing the projects I want to make real
  2. Work on improving my self-maintenance routines
  3. Get Adapting ready for the publishers [this being dependent on my editor]

I'm not making many more promises than that. I can't not write, but I can take some time to work on other things. Which includes the dungeons and dragons stuff.

In the news:

  • ScoMo and others caught out lying to the Aussie public and of course it's biting everyone on the bum
  • Victoria records over 22K cases
  • Betty White has passed on at 99
  • Serena Williams retires from Tennis
  • Unvaxxed quarterback catches the plague. Shocker
  • More hullaballo about publicly-acclaimed TERF JK Rowling
  • Boy vanishes in NSW
  • Two prison guards in the Epstein case admitted to lying on their official forms
  • One kid had an allergic reaction to their Christmas present
  • Plastic sock hanger nearly chokes a bub in K-Mart
  • Woman who got a positive plague test on a plane spent the rest of the flight isolating in a plane toilet
  • Snake catcher finds massive Huntsman spider in a bedroom
  • Career oil executive is capping abandoned oil wells to save the planet. Bet he's still drilling for more oil though...

And now... stories.