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Challenge #03517-I229: The Legion of the Unwanted

The rulers of a small, but wealthy, kingdom make a decree. Anyone caught abandoning their child in a midden, or deliberately harm their children, no matter what the child looks like, will be imprisoned. Needless to say, sadly, families who bear a Tiefling child are NOT happy, and drop their children off at the palace instead. -- Anon Guest

There was a guard stationed at every palace door. The King and his Princess-consort knew what the kickback from their law would be. In fact, there were guards and staff ready at every government building for this.

The man with the bundle paused, staring the guard in the face. The guard, impassionate, said, "You won't be persecuted for leaving them alive with us. His Majesty wants to prevent deaths, that's all."

The man came as close as he dared, put the bundle carefully down, and ran away. The guard did not sound an alarm, nor draw her weapon. She went, very carefully, and scooped up a babe not worth keeping, according to one. She pulled the wrappings aside. Bright, "fireman" red skin, the beginning nubs of a pair of horns at the temples. A Tiefling child.

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Challenge #02959-H036: Gods or Heroes

I’ve heard legends of that person

How he traveled the breadth of the land

Reducing all he touched to rubble

Revered by many I, too, revere him

Feared by many I, too, fear him

Now that person stands at my side

Now my friends are with me -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny - are you trying to get me into trouble? These are lyrics (translated) from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. A line or two is fine but the entire song? Please

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Challenge #02895-G338: Kind'a Saw it Coming

This is a new feeling, pride in someone else. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by all this unyielding rage! -- Vegeta

Honestly, it never fails. Spend the better part of a lifetime building up an empire of power only to witness some snot-nosed kid hero gather up a band of five total snot-nosed kid heroes and thereby overthrow you in a heroic example of the power of friendship. The Dark Lord Mephis had attempted to circumvent all of this by seducing every possible

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Challenge #02884-G327: Narrativium Foil

"Take it from someone who has batted for both teams..." The villainess purred in deliberate innuendo just to enjoy getting the defiant heroine's face to turn that lovely shade of embarrassed pink. "...deep down, regardless of whatever bull they might try and sell the world and themselves, heroes and villains are exactly the same."

She regarded her cocktail a moment, draining it then tossing the glass carelessly aside, leaving her seat and beginning to approach.

"We all do it for that high

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Challenge #02847-G290: Worthy of Story and Song

Hey, have you heard? Ymir, the crimson adventurer? Dead! I know! Now his brother is on a rampage across Brakvob looking for the killer, swearing that once he finds him he’ll- oh shit that was you guys... - Anon Guest

Ymir saved so many. Ymir did so much. Ymir, like most Adventurers, laid a path of wreckage around him in the process. The grand quest looked spectacularly optimistic when viewed from the winning side, but... There are always victims, even to

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Challenge #02846-G289: Autologged Specimen Number [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

A: Wait you can teleport?!

B: Not exactly, my bloodline is able to slip into the realm between realms, and your mind can’t understand what’s happening so it’s sees nothing at all. With a little bit of focus I can slip though walls as well.


B: Let me put this this way, just because I’m able to swim though lava doesn’t mean you can. -- Anon

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Challenge #01199-C104: Statuesque

1) http://nonasuch.tumblr.com/post/141566220050/having-grown-up-in-dc-statues-of-various-dead The statues that come to life

2) Pick another statue, ideally in a different country -- Gallifreya

[AN: This takes the overlap down to 15]


Everyone had agreed that it was the right wings' turn. Well. Everyone in power agreed that it was the right wings' turn. Nobody had listened to the common throng since the last revolution. And since then, those in power had successfully made certain that they would remain in

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Challenge #01004-B272: The Power of Chatter

A truly well-meaning superhero with middling-high durability, but apparently no other power. However, at their darkest moment, when they are at their enemy's mercy, they find they have a subtle, near-impossible to discover, but devastating power.

Any monologue given by someone with evil intent, causes a reality-warping effect that removes their advantage. Whether that be removing the /villain's/ powers, shorting out their Doomsday Device, or simply distracting them for /just/ long enough. The problem now is, they have to reliably get villains

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Challenge #00821-B090: Super Ordinary

Just because you’re wearing the cape doesn’t mean you can fly.

[AN: Trigger warning for suicide mention and suicidal narrative]

Ellie had been clinging to life by her fingertips. The hardest question of her life before her. As well as the end of it. The question to be answered was… would anyone really care? Sure, for about ten minutes, she might be a splashy headline. For two hours, she’d be a job to clean up.

And the world

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Challenge #00385 - A020: Best Frienemies

Any lingering animosity between them vanished, replaced by a combined resolve to horribly embarrass their sons.!





Two sons shared a sympathetic look of mutual mortification as their parents started a war in the parking lot of their new grade school. Both wanted, but lacked the power, to dig themselves a foxhole in the tarmac and never come out again.

The rest of the playground

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