Challenge #01004-B272: The Power of Chatter

A truly well-meaning superhero with middling-high durability, but apparently no other power. However, at their darkest moment, when they are at their enemy's mercy, they find they have a subtle, near-impossible to discover, but devastating power.

Any monologue given by someone with evil intent, causes a reality-warping effect that removes their advantage. Whether that be removing the /villain's/ powers, shorting out their Doomsday Device, or simply distracting them for /just/ long enough. The problem now is, they have to reliably get villains monologuing, even as the trend (not the power) is noticed... -- RecklessPrudence

They call me The Tank. Minecraft nerds reckon my muscles are made of Adminium. I love those peeps. They're so funny.

In case you haven't guessed by the cape and the glittery tights, I'm a superhero. My strength isn't that much, compared to other heavy lifters, but I can take a licking and keep on ticking. Fifteen separate villains have tried to punch my clock with assorted doomsday devices and at least one direct strike with a meteor.

You can guess it didn't take.

I can soak up damage like a closet camel wicks away moisture. Probably loads better. Astro-Naughty tried to smack me with two dwarf planets, one time, and I still came out laughing.

But my real secret power? The one nobody's clued on about? I can get the bad guys monologuing.

Seriously. The bad guys are super-starved for attention or something. Or maybe my charisma has some extra bonus, but... I just ask an innocent little question or drop the cliche, "You'll never get away with this," and all of a sudden, they're spouting a freaking novella.

Like they have nothing better to do with their time that go on and on and on about how their plan is just so superior and how I can never defeat them.

Meanwhile, my team-mates have all the time they need to sneak around and not only defeat their undefeatable death device, but soundly trounce the baddie as well.

I even managed it a few times when I was working solo. Tank, you can survive the heart of a star... Tank, you can fly through a black hole... you know the deal. But once I have the bad guy preening about how clever they are... they have no care for what I'm doing in the background.

One time, I even sabotaged the dude's entire base and got back to his doomsday device before the Accretor had finished his speech celebrating how invulnerable his space base was. That guy was an absolute nut.

But I have to be careful around the really smart ones. They're starting to notice the pattern. I have to act like I don't want them to talk whilst simultaneously getting them talking. Some of them even wise up to that halfway through. But at least the temporary stupidity field or whatever it is that I do is still in effect and they try to attack me physically.

Big mistake.

I am worried about when they clue in before they get going. That's going to be a black day.

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