Challenge #02847-G290: Worthy of Story and Song

Hey, have you heard? Ymir, the crimson adventurer? Dead! I know! Now his brother is on a rampage across Brakvob looking for the killer, swearing that once he finds him he’ll- oh shit that was you guys... - Anon Guest

Ymir saved so many. Ymir did so much. Ymir, like most Adventurers, laid a path of wreckage around him in the process. The grand quest looked spectacularly optimistic when viewed from the winning side, but... There are always victims, even to the actions of heroes.

A village of cultists of an evil sect is never completely populated by the cultists. There's always children, or people to busy to even bother with the cult, or others who just want to get through their day with a minimum of bother from [REDACTED] the Flesh-Eating Skull Lord of Yl'thwyggyr. Heroes of story and song don't always bother with the "taking names" part.

The Rogue spoke first. "My mother wasn't even a barbarian Orc. She made bread. She was the village baker, for gods' sake. The people who rampaged weren't even from the village of Naast. They just traded there. Mom never asked where they got the meat... it was just... meat. Five kids to feed was never easy, even when they're half Orcs and he just..." The pain of the memory made her fall silent. "If I wasn't out chasing down one of the milking goats, there'd have been nobody to remember Naast was even there. He even killed the babies in their cradles... What had they done to anyone?"

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