Tuesday - Day Three

I have posted my Patreon nonsense - lots of Tiefling Tales today. I have a PLN to go out shopping for some things, but not all the things, and I have words to yet pour into my novel-in-progress as well as an Instant to write.


There's an election upcoming and I don't know if we're early voting to avoid the crowds or going in person and me in mask. Because I won't go anywhere without my mask when all it takes is one arsehole to reinvigorate the plague in my fair state.

Weather predicts tennis-ball sized hail for Sydney [the only East Coast that matters, apparently] and I'm like, "Well if you did something about climate change instead of sucking up to COAL MONEY..." in the general direction of Canberra.

Ugh. So much was foreseen and ignored.

In the headlines:

  • Victoria wants to get restriction easing right this time. Might I suggest - lock up any and all Karens as a public danger?
  • China's aggression backfires (shocker)
  • NT cop to face trial over a teen he killed
  • Hugely expensive defence project for Australia won't be done until 2054
  • AusPost people pitch in $5 each to help pay for the five-figure watches that have been so controversial
  • AusPost workers threaten strike over the watches... to defend the CEO
  • Muppet convinced he's going to win the election
  • Conservative judge set to be confirmed into supreme court just weeks away from the election
  • Muppet complains that the media is only talking about the disease he failed to control
  • Biden mocked for confusing Trump with Bush
  • Bookies side with Biden to win the election

I'm kind'a hoping evil does not succeed. I'm kind'a hoping Evil gets stricken down with a bad case of Chronic Honesty blurted out at top volume where it can do the most damage... but I doubt the Powers That Be will actually do that.



Onwards to the rest of the day.