Fuck Off Depression!

A 3-post collection

Friday, Stuff and Things

I have some writing entry(s) to read and judge. I have another week's worth of fics to tag for the app. I have to take the dressed map that I have just finished and prep it by learning how to fly my own OwlBear Rodeo setup [that promises to be fun].

There's also Starters to feed, bikkie to make and ingest, vinyl to sort, and a chapter to, perhaps, write.

I'm going to find out SOMETHING on bells and whistles with Streamlabs today. Possibly while sorting vinyl. Or cooking the bikkie. Or both. Very likely both.

It's almost the top of the hour, I have already cleaned the catio and read to my Beloved. Let's get on with some fiction.

Tuesday - Day Three

I have posted my Patreon nonsense - lots of Tiefling Tales today. I have a PLN to go out shopping for some things, but not all the things, and I have words to yet pour into my novel-in-progress as well as an Instant to write.


There's an election upcoming and I don't know if we're early voting to avoid the crowds or going in person and me in mask. Because I won't go anywhere without my mask when all it takes

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Monday (Day Zero Secundus)

It's Monday, there's two new cases today, which is less than the alarming nine of yesterday. I feel secure in allowing Miss Chaos to keep attending school, but I shall be keeping a weather eye on the case count.

A very paranoid weather eye. My firkin life is on the line. Even though it feels like I'm the only one who cares about that, I'm probably the most important person who does. If that makes sense, then what are you doing in

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