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Challenge #02959-H036: Gods or Heroes

I’ve heard legends of that person

How he traveled the breadth of the land

Reducing all he touched to rubble

Revered by many I, too, revere him

Feared by many I, too, fear him

Now that person stands at my side

Now my friends are with me -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny - are you trying to get me into trouble? These are lyrics (translated) from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. A line or two is fine but the entire song? Please don't. I've trimmed a lot of the original prompt to try and keep things safer for all.]

They called him Varg the Destroyer. It wasn't precisely his fault. His mother, according to legend, had made a lot of promises and one mistake in counting and the contest over her child had resulted in a concatenation of curses. Which resulted in him leaving a trail a mile wide in his lifelong quest to at least end some of them.

Heroics had been pure happenstance on the way. Armies of evil and cities of wickedness had no defences against the combined forces of demonic, angelic, and faerie curses. It might have been easy for Varg to become a power for evil, but such was not the case. Evidently, having the ability to cause great harm from a young age also creates a tremendously light and gentle touch in the holder.

He slept on a bed of granite, which he carried with him. He ate out of a special bowl made from starmetal, and even that was dented with use. He had, through a series of deeds, actually toned things down to the point where he could interact with the mortal world without being an automatic menace. Nevertheless, there were still a few interesting valleys that used to be mountains along his path to get there.

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