Challenge #02884-G327: Narrativium Foil

"Take it from someone who has batted for both teams..." The villainess purred in deliberate innuendo just to enjoy getting the defiant heroine's face to turn that lovely shade of embarrassed pink. "...deep down, regardless of whatever bull they might try and sell the world and themselves, heroes and villains are exactly the same."

She regarded her cocktail a moment, draining it then tossing the glass carelessly aside, leaving her seat and beginning to approach.

"We all do it for that high we get from facing incredible danger. That rush that can only be felt when you are a whisker away from victory or defeat and you know that even the slightest mistake will cost you everything. Ultimately, we're two sides of the same coin."

As the heroine sputtered for a retort, she continued, with the same level tone of a schoolteacher reprimanding a stubborn student.

"If we didn't have you, we'd rule the world and be bored stiff from not being able to break any rules, and if you didn't have us, you'd be at exactly the same level of apathetic doldrums as you would have no rulebreakers to fight."

She grinned viciously, getting right in the face of her young nemesis, savoring the look in her foe's eyes as the girl pondered this notion.

"We're both adrenaline junkies, cupcake, we just habitually lie to ourselves about the reasons for doing what we do so we don't have to admit it..." -- Anon Guest

Villainess expected a speech. It was almost written in the universal script. Something about the kindness of the human heart and what the choice to be a hero was all about. Blah blah bla.

Instead, the brightly-costumed hero said, "Well, you're not wrong."

This was not in the script. So much so that Villainess said, "Of course you'd say--" before her brain caught up with current events. "Wait. What?"

"You're not wrong. I was into parkour before my powers kicked in, and being a queer in a strictly right-wing area comes with its own adrenaline rush. Try walking home late after Pride with half your glam still on, sometime. It's in my origin story."

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