Deep breaths...

Mayhem has the sniffles and a cough. He's pretty sure it's not the Plague, but he's staying home anyway. Best to keep one's virii to oneself.

If I want to make more masks, I'm going to need more cord. Mayhem's going to need his if the seasonal sniffles continues to persist.

For my mental health, today, I am not getting involved in any Covid news. I'm at my capacity. I can't look at the latest piles of idiocy without breaking my heart. So I'm not doing that.

In order to get today's tale out before the afternoon, I plan on shutting down the entertainment to audio only so I can allegedly keep my mind on the task du jour.

There's not going to be a lot in Patreon this week, and possibly next week. I just... can't... I need to escape the global madness and minimising my output seems to be working. I have more time to go into the things I enjoy, and they're a balm on my tattered soul.

On my agenda are editing the next episode of Inter-Mission, editing a video for Chaos' school to eventually enjoy when and if the plague passes us all by, and editing the blank 'world' so that important things don't catch fire when the kids are playing in there. Bleh.

But first... I must to focus on today's Output. The Patreon stuff is scarce but there. Now for the story.