Challenge #02050-E226: Stockholm's Invisible Bars

Humanity has always fascinated a certain alien “scientist” shall we say, though in reality they were nothing more than a monster. Their newest “pets” were the result of their most recent experiments in gaslighting and the human phenomenon known as Stockholm syndrome. Never had one so cruel ever known such an horrific punishment by the hands of humanity. -- Sorry

[AN: No you're not]

Beware becoming your obsession. There are many that will eat you alive and not even spit out your bones. To enforce the point, let us examine Blixnar Ratangu. A name that will live on in infamy...

She became obsessed with Humans. The deadliest of Deathworlders known to civilised kind. Deadlier, even, than the highest-ranking Deathworlders. Where others might rely on might, Humans rely on bloody-minded determination. Even one of their own entertainment creators named it as an essential element of nature[1]. She insisted they could be tamed. She knew that they could become docile if treated properly.

Though she was technically correct, her methods were the furthest definition of 'properly'. And her results were the furthest thing from 'docile'.

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