First Sprint Day of the new workout regime and, owing to the early rain, we decided not to chance running our arses off on wet roads, but stayed home and skipped rope.

Things to remember:

  • Neither of us have skipped since our last Skipathon in Primary School.
  • That time is now literally decades ago.
  • The goal of Sprint Day is to do a fast-paced activity until you literally can't do it any more. Beloved mentioned the word "collapse".
  • I'm fighting gravity worse than my Beloved is, but I'm catching up.

Beloved didn't want to arse around putting on shoes (but did want to arse around brewing up a stock for themself) so their chosen arena of exercise was a yoga mat. I did put on my shoes, so I had a lot more freedom, especially when I started to drift backwards.

I got first go because the love of my life wanted to see how it was done. After a few false starts, and nearly bumping into the barbecue with the rope, I got a rhythm up.

Until I tripped on the dang rope and nearly fell arse over tits. So to speak. What did happen is my legs gave me a massive "NOPE!" and went out from under me. The result was a semi-graceful collapse onto the patio and a stunned expression of shock and awe.

I decided that counted as my sprint and watched Beloved have a go from a patio chair.

Beloved has even less experience or recall about skipping than me, so their arms gave out way before their legs did. Ah, the joys of weighted skipping rope.

Chaos and Mayhem wanted to play, too. The drawback being that neither of them are tall enough to effectively use an adult-size rope. Fun was had, and I suppose that was the point.

We have some cooked food stored in the fridge, so repeats of past adventures in gastronomy will probably be very welcome after the day I had.

Yes, I did most of the things. What I did not do was treat Chaos' hair because I was down-strap buggered after all the running around. Bonus - I did get a dinner cooked that helped improve Beloved's digestive issues, so yay.

I might summon some spoons to do Chaos' hair today. But beyond that, anything that gets done is a gift.

Now for the good news. I spoke to Shrink, and according to a standardised test, I am very likely in the Asperger's range of having ASD. Once an official diagnosis is in the bag, I can start the ball rolling on looking for help.

Also, my alternate identity is now earning some lucre, so I have to sort that out.

Damn. I'm wearing so many hats I might as well be playing TF2.