The strangeness of me

I've always known I'm not 'normal', and protest much that there's no such thing. My creativity and whims of creating, aka my Muse, takes me to strange places, sometimes.

My stories, fanfic and professional, are... odd. Just as I am odd.

As a kid, I was "weird". According to the professionals at the time, I was "brilliant but disorganised" and needed something to keep my creativity in one place. Not that that worked very well.

I did not have a wide social circle, nor a lot of true friends, growing up. I was always the statistical outlier to the point that I nearly made one of my teachers have a nervous breakdown.

But that's not the point. The point is, today, I am going to see a Shrink to see how unusual my brain wiring is. I know I'm not a danger to others, and I haven't been a danger to myself yet. And since the new diet, I haven't been feeling nearly as 'down' as I used to get on average.

And -huzzah- I might get that official diagnosis that folks keep trumpeting about. Even though Mum-in-law insists that ASD is a made-up thing and doesn't exist... Having an official diagnosis will definitely help in certain areas.

For instance - if I need assistance, I can possibly get some.

And -thanks to an argument last night- I found out that getting salty about something is an indicator that you might need salt.

Thanks to the added intake of liquids, and the fact that the body wants to flush its poisons now, a lot of salt from the body is literally going down the drain. Which can lead to listlessness, tired feelings, headaches, and tetchiness. The cure, of course, is a salty broth.

And I've been a little naughty and taking the smoothie in during the fasting period, which counts as food because of all the fats and fruit.

Today, the salty broth is replacing the morning coffee. With an even better effect than the coffee had. And I have a keto lemon cheesecake for an afternoon snack :)

Life is good. Apart from the background panic about seeing the shrink at last.