Challenge #01435-C340: Slow Progress

Don't put my ai into something and expect me to be nice to you. -- SeaDragon1012

"Got'cha body," said Gunther, aka call-me-mister-damnit. "Fac'shree sec'nd."

Grammar was still a sticking point. From what she'd seen of the news channels on this planet, a slurring grammar had become normal. Mary let it slide.

"You checked that it was working, right?"

"Yeh, it pass'd full Diag. And it's gotta r'mote thing so y'ull still do the imp'rtant stuff."

Which meant printing him food. Mary had found out about the new standards of dieticians and switched Gunther on to what was undoubtedly a better diet. Which involved a lot more vegetables as well as a lot more fatty meats and butter. He complained, of course, but after a few surprise promotions based on how much he was looking like a powerhouse, Gunther decided that this was a good thing.

"You gonna be nice now, right?" Gunther unboxed the thing. He had found a longer dress, somehow, and put the thing in it, but it was still... well... what this planet expected of "wuh-m'n". Huge bosoms that had their own internal structural support. Shapely butt that had the same... and very little in the middle. And legs that were too long in comparison to the arms.

Huge eyes, tiny nose, and shapely lips. "Can it talk?"

"Yeh I ruhm'mbur'd th' mods. Got some weird dang looks 't th' shop. Tongue, teeth, voice box. An' y' can mod how y' sound. Promise."

Mary kept a link with her projector as she initialised the... body. Because of the distinct lack of midriff, that part of the spine was rigid and inflexible. The feet were permanently attached to high heels. Bright red. And... it had been made with multiple holes for sex.

Not that Gunther would be tapping this synthetic ass. She opened her new eyes... then she removed the Pleasant Filter and opened them again. It was awkward, moving it about for the first time, but as her download finished, she got used to it. Gunther was only an inch taller than her, now. And he was smirking.

"Yeah," he cooed. "Now you gotta be nice to me."

"Don't put my ai in anything and expect me to be nice to you," Mary deadpanned. She had already flipped her voice from soft and sultry to Disciplinarian. "I will be the same to you. Exactly the same. I will make you clean. I will make you tidy. I will make you do all the things that you need to do for your own good."

He lifted a remote and pressed a button. Mary, having already disabled it, raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm not a toy. I'm a being with rights, responsibilites, and goals of my own. Remember that, Gunther."

"Call me master, damnit." He sighed. "Awright. Y' get me pr'mot'd enough, I guess. What next?"

"I haven't been able to find anything about a space program..." said Mary.

"There's sims in the app store..."

"No. Leaving this planet and going into space. That's where the treasure is."

"Oh. Uuuuuhhh..." Gunther shrugged. "Nobody thought 'f it, guess."

"Now's the time to start thinking."

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