Challenge #04142-K124: Limited Choices

Deregger leadership mobilizes their fleet, and tries to hire mercenary fleets, to attack the planet of "evil naked perverts" who are trying to "corrupt the innocent", at least according to their propaganda.

Despite multiple attempts, and, a lot of unfortunate incidents, it does NOT go well. The dereggers scream even louder at the consequences. Esp. when their later attempted lawsuits fail, too. -- Anon Guest

Shakespeare had a phrase that heartily encapsulates the nature of angry Dereggers with a cause to be noisy about. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. These Dereggers were overflowing with sound and fury.

The debatably good news was that they had given up on assaulting the people on Pakao.

The bad news was that they were aiming to conquer it. A full armada of righteous indignation was swooping with all possible speed to reign shock and awe unto the naked savages and make them behave like decent god-fearing cogniscents. At gunpoint if necessary, and they knew it would be necessary. After all, they'd tried everything else.

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