Friday, Changes Inherent?

The QPP might be cohabiting at some point in a not-too-distant future. I know I said they'd have to carry me out of here feet first, but there's ways around that. The hurdle of cold-hard-folding is going to be solved RSN so the next problems of: (a) finding a place big enough for all of us, (b) that suits all of us1, (3) has room for a Catio, (d) and is close to public transit.

My brief survey of the options have revealed the choice shall be between:

  • McMansion
  • Block of flats
  • Conjoined housing properties

I would like a decent kitchen and a space that would suffice for a studio when I need a studio. And it's becoming very plain that I will have to deal with STAIRS. I can only hope our eventual winner is one that can have a chair lift or two installed. My knees do hate me sometimes, and there might come a time when I need help getting up or down.

But that's a ways away yet.

Today, following my offerings, I shall be messing about in OBS to make certain I can plausibly stream from LinuxLand(tm).

Somewhere along the way, I also need to clean out the catio.

Best to get a wriggle on. It's already almost noon.

  1. I am not the only fussy bean in this arrangement, but I am the one most likely to whinge about stuff