Challenge #03937-J285: Time to Save

Time is, in the Alliance, literally money. And many people work very hard to save time. However, when you are both the employee, and the boss, it can be hard, without gentle reminders, to avoid being a rather cruel one, at least when it's your own self you're bossing around. -- Anon Guest

Several words and phrases have changed in the Alliance. Since the Shattering, terms like "self-employed", "worker-shareholder", and "public benefit" have transformed into something new. Something a lot more truthful.

The Alliance also has a little thing known as "Universal Basic Accommodations". Which include public servants. There to make certain that people in the community have everything they need. Depending on gender identity, they're known as Aunties, Uncles, or Untys[1], and they are your tax payments at work.

Some Deregger expatriates need a lot of getting used to that idea. Especially the bit about their taxes paying for public services that they can use.

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