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Challenge #03802-J149: Whoopsie Doopsie

Some children are playing, and a ball goes flying and accidentally hits a Havenworlder child. The parents, new refugees, are terrified their children will be thrown out an airlock, but the Havenworlder parents know, as does the medics, that the injuries are not severe, and it WAS just an innocent accident. -- Lessons

It's never easy to have shared play spaces for a multitude of cogniscent species. Though children easily learn about taking care and being gentle, there are still mishaps.

The education centre had separate areas for rough play and gentle play. They had nets to catch any loose projectiles. There was constant supervision, and at least one trained Medik ready for any emergency.

Which was a good thing when a ball went sailing over the net and hit a Havenworlder kid who was peacefully reading in a corner. The Deathworlder kids immediately fell to screaming horror and half of the Havenworlder kids just fell down.

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Challenge #03207-H298: Solution Evolution

They knew their name, Lillian, named after the lovely flower. They knew that they'd gotten hurt, possibly died. They knew they'd fallen into the mana pool. Now the pool was gone, but they could still feel the upwelling of mana, the raw essence of magic, everywhere. When the magi told them they were a walking, talking, mana fount, their body had become the container for it, they laughed it off. Now, they were learning to take pieces of amber and fill these

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