Challenge #04018-J365: Bad Habits and Good Reminders

The former deregger has trouble letting go of, well, anything. While they tolerate the cleaner animals coming in and dealing with organic debris, their quarters are getting SO full of.....stuff... that it's getting hard to move around in there. Hoarding, sadly, is common with those with severe mental trauma. -- Anon Guest

Cleaners were initially a problem. They were genetically programmed to consume debris and break it down into stable compounds. "Debris" in this case, was defined as anything below a certain mass that was left on the floor.

Expatriate Deen had lost many of his clothing items at the beginning, until his therapist carefully explained how the Cleaners worked. Deen hung up or stored his clothes for two weeks, but...

Deen also invested in storage furniture. As well as the things to put in them or on them. Like most hoarders, he also spent some Time on cleaning equipment, but had little idea of how to start with it.

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