Monday, 2024, Aiming For Progress

Finally saw the Christmas Episode of Doctor Who. More or less It's A Wonderful Life with Goblins in it. Ncuti Gatwa has some wonderful chaos energy to bring to the role. I look forward to the Incel Whining about him not being that great because skin colour.

Suck it up, looser babies. The world has more options, now.

I just finished one anthology. The publication process will commence when I have checked the Footnote Continuity and done the New Cover.

I usually get that thing out sometime in January.

My resolutions:

  • Get into a Self-Care Routine(tm) including all the things that are good for me
  • Work on my Side Projects every day. Not necessarily all of them per day. Just one every day
  • FINISH MY FUCKING WIPS [I've had hot and cold running plotbunnies recently]
  • Spend more time with my loved ones

Some of these are harder than they look. Especially the self care stuff.

When I post this, I shall be out and about looking for a few little things to help with self care. My feet have been acting up for a while now, and I need to get hold of a certain width of dowel to walk on (ouch) every evening so they firkin start behaving again.

I have a frozen bottle to walk on (also ouch) but I have NO idea how I'm going to manage that when the walking is likely to happen at bedtime. Probably walk on the things and then limp to put the dang bottle away after I'm done with it. When Beloved is home, I may beg her to put it away for me.

I shall also pay more attention to my little victories. Such as restoring my sand picture to a working condition. That's a win.

It's raining, and New Years' Day. So I shall be extra careful about things, no matter where I wander.

Let the little wins snowball into some big victories.