Challenge #04019-K001: Careful Scrutiny

What looks like an ordinary cat is sitting on the slightly crumpled lip of a garage awning. However, those that can see through the illusion realizes it's a young dragon watching the humans quietly. -- Anon Guest

As far as domestic cats were concerned, this one was a bruiser. Larger than the average housecat, and clearly a shorthair. It was also clearly nestled on a bent portion of roof. Some humorous images could circulate if anyone paid attention to it.

In this area of urban sprawl, nobody paid it any heed. People went about their own errands, with their own concerns chiefly in view.

They didn't look up, look to their neighbours, nor look at the world around them. They didn't see past themselves. Their self-interest was so compact that it obfuscated everything else that they should have noticed. Including the fact that this cat... was not a cat at all.

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