Rescue Humans

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Challenge #03085-H177: Relative Luxury

The young deregger expatriate, somewhat reluctantly, but at Gorx's gentle insistence, schedules a few days off since Gorx is very safely at home for a few days to relax. He takes his mom out, she is also trying to wrap her head around this concept, and they truly enjoy their first taste of what people would call, "a vacation from work with pay." -- DaniAndShali

Humans Jef and Bea were learning to adapt. Transiteer Gorx would be properly proud of them after the infectious panic died down. When a Human was scared, it was easy for a Havenworlder take their example to heart and feel similar terror. Gorx had to remind hirself that these Humans could be frightened for non-logical reasons.

For example, Human Bea was permanently afraid of being caught and of breaking things. She had approached Galactic technology with a long stick and a philosophy of animism that would make even the Nae'hyn[1] roll their eyes. Gorx had had to hold her hand through a large number of procedures on board hir vessel and now, on station.

Human Jef was merely jumpy around anyone in a security uniform. Ze was certain ze was breaking the law just by existing. Gorx had quietly made certain station security knew about these Rescue Humans on docking, lest they gain interest by acting guilty. The patrols that Jef startled at glanced once, consulted their eyescreens, and moved on. All was, however temporarily, well.

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Challenge #03073-H165: Soft, Fluffy, Friendly

They had been working for a few months now with the havenworlders, who had gotten quite used to hearing them wake up screaming but it broke their crewmates' hearts to hear it each night. A de-regger rescue who was still learning that the world was not as cruel as they believed. The companion goes in one sleep cycle as the human begins to whimper and thrash in the special sleeping bag. A gentle hand petting the hair, a soft, trilling, lullaby, the

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Challenge #02741-G184: A Helping Hand

"What are you watching?"

"Children's programming about the importance of doing chores to help out around the house."

"Do you enjoy this? You're an adult."

"Yeah, but I have the emotional maturity of a child, because my emotional development was stunted by repeated trauma while I was growing up. So, if I watch stuff like this, it helps me feel like doing stuff around the house, because I'm really, really impressionable. Also, I have to clean my living space, it's disgusting."


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