Challenge #03293-I005: Reluctance to Report

A Human from a Deregger world snores terribly and even sound baffling doesn't stop it all. Then, shockingly, the room goes silent for a few seconds before there's a sudden, even louder, snore and then the normal noise again. They worried for him and had an observer in to check why it went quiet sometimes. The observer noticed the human had, for a brief moment, stopped breathing! They were worried the human would, one day, not start again. -- Anon Guest

They had purchased their Ships' Human from a Deregger world, and the therapy was still ongoing about that. Human Yun came with a lot of issues, such as not initially trusting the deal.

"But... you bought me. You decide what happens," was a frequent objection from her. Especially whenever she was given choices.

It was especially disturbing when they attempted to look after her medical wellbeing. Advice was taken as orders. Polite suggestions were taken as orders. Yun was far too obsessed with the old Deregger rule of obey or die. Much though they tried to encourage her to have opinions, it was a battle.

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