Challenge #03292-I004: First Night Away

Young Vee and Rawr were sitting and talking by the fire while others were having tea, or having some sleep. They spoke of how they met, of what their lives were like before they began to travel together, of the close bond they have, the equivalent of uncle and niece. -- Lessons

Amatu was learning things. In this case, learning how a Bugbear and a Human could be related. And, in the case of the Human, how she could have draconic heritage.

"Technically, we both have draconic heritage," said Rawr, his mismatched eyes looking out over the night. "Her da was adopted by Lady Anthe, same as me."

"We say we're cousins because we're more or less the same age," said Vee, poking the fire that gave her wings a more demonic appearance. "It's less confusing."

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