Thursday, Day 0, Sdrawkcab!

Plague news:

  • 22 069 new cases
  • 130 947 total active cases
  • 555 hospitalisations
  • 30 in the ICU

Vax news:

  • 327 415 new doses nationally
  • 72 952 new doses in Queensland
  • I want the infographic back, damnit

I messed up and posted my stories (a) backwards, and (b) before the blog update today. While I could go fix it, it's too much of a pain in the arse with my current brain fog. Please forgive.

Still in my TTD list is:

  • Build more Dungeon for the players to Dragon in
  • Edit minimum of one page of Adapting
  • Check 50 titles in the anthology
  • Work out bells and whistles now that I am Twitch Affiliate ::fanfare noise::
  • Personalise the new masks

Which is probably going to take me most of the day because Attention Deficit -- SQUIRREL! Aka Mondo Brain Fog.

Is it the plague? Is it some other Lurgi? Only time will tell.

We have new Supermasks(tm) which will be replacing the colourful cloth masks. Yay? The fact that they are necessary is teh Problem(tm).


In the news:

  • Even more palaver about Tennis Snowflake's drama fallout
  • New rule makes for 92K new cases in NSW
  • 42 new demands for Scomo. I hope one of them is "pull your head our of your arse"
  • Plague can cause shrinkage of the dinkage
  • Construction company collapses
  • Aforementioned Snowflake could be going to jail
  • Judge rules that Randy Andy is not above the law
  • Olympic star dies in car crash
  • Man orders $2K worth of KFC, China miffed
  • Bunnings hit by cyberattack
  • There's a mask shortage now
  • One of the substances that can help block Covid is... [drumroll]... cannabinoids. Let's see the Right Wing deal with THAT

Hopefully, I shall have my organise on by tomorrow.