Friday, Day 0, Bad Air Day

Plague news:

  • 14 914 new cases
  • 145 294 total active cases
  • 556 hospitalisations
  • 26 in the ICU
  • and 5 more deaths

Vax news:

  • 93 329 doses given nationally
  • 17 651 doses given in Queensland

I'm having an asthma flare-up so I am MONDO PARANOID about whether or not it's Rona or Just Asthma. And guess what causes worse flare-up? STRESS! Yay.

On the plus side, I made Beloved's day by being able to confirm the presence of some new baby hairs in former bald spots. The hormones are doing good things. Huzzah!

Today in my agenda:

  • Write down a dream [X]
  • Clean the Catio's catbox
  • Feed the starters and nom the bikkie
  • Check 50 chapters in the Anthology
  • Edit 1 page of Adapting, minimum
  • Build one chamber of a dungeon for my players to dragon in
  • Monitor my breathing like a GD hawk
  • Shopping with Beloved for stuff and things

At least we now own some P2 masks with which to guard ourselves against the plague.

In the news:

  • More drama around Tennis Star Snowflake
  • Mum gives up baby and sues sperm donor for lying about his attributes
  • Woman gets rid of Mum Tum on Maccas. I call horseshit
  • Queen strips Randy Andy of his title before trial for sexual abuse of minors
  • Omicron surge "worse than lockdowns" according to businesses. HAVE. WE. LEARNED. SOMETHING?
  • Viruses and Capitalism are wrecking the supply chains
  • Teacher killed whilst jogging
  • Much of Australia now choosing to lock themselves down. I wonder if the Knomiras could protest this
  • Son inherits father's Motel business, lets homeless stay in empty rooms

Onwards to the fantasy.