Challenge #03294-I006: The Statistical Outlier

The human who followed the princess home became quite well educated in more than gal-simple. And not long after, all humans were welcomed into the Alliance, albeit, though many were wary, afraid, and some still openly hostile toward the race. But this human, until their death due to old age, refused to stop protecting the princess who was their first, true, friend. -- Anon Guest

The Humans, once they were fully welcomed into the Alliance, would tell stories about Arctic Wolves that traveled on the Russian train systems. After all, who was going to stop a wolf?

The same theory applied to the Human who followed and guarded Princess Grigri.

After all, they were ferocious beasts, a dangerous, savage child race. Capable of amazing feats of physical skill and prowess[1]. Compared to so many other species known to the Alliance, they just didn't stop. The one who called themself Fazl hadn't done anything to harm Grigri. Or any of her associated Graacil entourage.

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