Challenge #03295-I007: Kintsugi's First Step

Not long after this poor, broken, shell of a man met Unty Vrax, there was an accident. Vrax was trapped under debris, pinned, badly bruised, and in serious danger. The human, adrenaline shooting through them, despite more debris falling on them damaging their prosthetics, dragged the debris off and got Vrax to safety. Despite getting hurt, Vrax was safe. And for them, that was the day, they truly started to heal. -- Anon Guest

This was the Edge, where civilisation as the Alliance knew it crept up on all those who lived there. With civilisation came Community Services, whether the residents liked it or not. With civilisation came Community.

Unty Vrax had been Human York's unofficial therapist for weeks before the Human asked for "a little help" with things about her domicile. In this case, moving some plants into their habitat to adhere to the new laws about air maintenance[1]. What it was turning into was a remembrance garden.

The bright flowers bought a smile to York's face and moisture to her eyes. "Pokki loved these. Said they were like fireworks but plant." The potted plant went into the new soil and gained a painted stone marker with the name Pokki.

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