Saturday, Day 0, Bad Air Day Part 2

Plague news:

  • 23 630 new cases
  • 168 012 total active cases
  • 589 hospitalisations
  • 41 in the ICU
  • 4 new deaths

As a side note, the total cases in the native population WERE 7, but they're now 4 145. Fuck that arsewipe who told them that the vaccine was "Whitefellas Poison".

Vax news:

  • 347 072 doses given nationally
  • 70 089 in Qld
  • 7 831 in ACT
  • 103 964 in NSW
  • 3 487 in NT
  • 24 260 in SA
  • 9 075 in TAS
  • 85 490 in VIC
  • 42 876 in WA
  • ACT only looks bad because it got all its vaxxing done first

I am staying inside as much as possible, going out for as little as I can, and otherwise being paranoid for my own health.

BECAUSE... I have a case of chronic lung clinker and nothing I usually do is shifting that crap. On the plus side, I'm getting an OPEP [Oscilating Positive Expository Pressure] device that apparently works to help people like me.

Bad news is I have to own it before I discover whether or not it's a three-figure-cost brick. Time will have to tell.

Today, I am cooking the Bikkie since doing a HUGE amount of Chicken Soup prevented me from doing so yesterday, and adding to my regular nonsense with that.

Yeah, Dickson's Meat Markets had bags of chicken carcasses for $10 each so we got two. That's for an estimated eight chook corpses. I didn't count them going in and there were less people keeping track as they came out for shredding.

There's vegetables and other nonsense in there once we separated the bones from the meat. It smells lovely but I first have to care for my Starters.

In the news:

  • Canada is taxing antivaxxers for not getting their jabs
  • Snowflake Tennis Star back in jail
  • Chanel 7's leak boosts its ratings
  • Predictions as to when Omicron will leak
  • Younger royal by marriage left with Randy Andy's mop-up
  • Football star marries niece
  • Quarantine hotels are now hospital hotels
  • Power generators made that are inspired by seaweed. Let's hope they don't poison the fish

Onwards to fiction.