Challenge #02741-G184: A Helping Hand

"What are you watching?"

"Children's programming about the importance of doing chores to help out around the house."

"Do you enjoy this? You're an adult."

"Yeah, but I have the emotional maturity of a child, because my emotional development was stunted by repeated trauma while I was growing up. So, if I watch stuff like this, it helps me feel like doing stuff around the house, because I'm really, really impressionable. Also, I have to clean my living space, it's disgusting."

"So you're watching a children's show to help you clean your home."

"And now you know why I have diminished responsibility." -- Anon Guest

Therapy for Humans is a strange realm to begin with, and then you have the peculiar group of Humans who attempt to hack their own brains. They are, after all, the first responders to the chaos inside their heads. Some know their patterns. Some just realise that they're going through some ungulate excrement and attempt to apply whatever brakes they have access to.

Others choose motivation, with varying degrees of success. Some attempts are doomed to failure. This was looking like one of them. Human Kat was watching an animated entertainment aimed at children. One evidently familiar to her as she was singing along with some of the songs under her breath.

Companion Uinn attempted to unriddle this particular inactivity. Human Kat was one of the ones with Diminished Responsibility and a greater need for assistance at personal-level minutia. She could reliably feed and dress herself, but the issue was in cleaning up any messes. Which had evidently happened since Uinn had last visited Kat's domicile. "Do you have a story to tell about this?"

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