So tired

I could not get to sleep if you paid me, last night, so today I am functioning on even less sleep than normal, huzzah.

I dunno if I'm gonna make it to the stream, folks.

Story much much much much much later, I guess. Possibly with edits of this entry here because YIKES I am sleepy.

But yeah. Things be effed up. Two new cases in Queensland today, possibly linked to opening the borders. I freaking called it. Good night.

UPDATE: From the news- autopsies of those who've perished from the plague have found "blood clots in every organ" so let's have fun with that little factoid.

Similarly, I actually managed to snag some sleep but after like an entire minute of consciousness, I'm body-weary again.

Meh. At least I can watch Toasty's stream video before YouTube wipes it out. Story pretty soon.

ADDITIONAL ADDENDUM: The two new cases were coming home from overseas and not from NSW :P