Starting Again at One

One day of zero new cases in Queensland. I was honestly looking forward to a plague-free post-holiday peace, but no... we had to have people coming in from outside who were carriers.

So far, the permit system is working, but so far is "this weekend gone" so I'm waiting on tenterhooks.

Things I've managed to see in the news:

  • The Muppet is seen in public wearing a mask for the first time and potentially WAY TOO LATE to send the message he should have fucking sent in FEBRUARY at the latest
  • His own party continues to turn against him, including the judges he appointed to the supreme court. They just ruled that he's not exempt from providing tax records because he's the President
  • Even right wing news is acknowledging that this plague might be a bad thing
  • Experts are debating whether or not Victoria should go into extreme lockdown when the answer is clearly, "YES YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT LAST FUCKING MONTH"
  • The Muppet gets his friendo out of jail free and everyone is mad about it
  • Even when you're doing everything right, it is possible to infect over one person per second [Source]
  • Sydney's closing down because plague
  • Kanye west is running for President with the "Birthday Party" - a joke political party along the lines of Britains "Raving Loony Party" or Nigel Freemarijuana
  • Australia's Covid-tracker doesn't firkin work. Like, I knew, but now it's confirmed and a lot of people are mad about it
  • Scotty From Marketing is allegedly writing a "secret plan" to deal with the clusterfuck in Victoria
  • Muppet tells the CDC to come up with a plan he likes to deal with the plague or he's cutting funding

So yeah, my weekend's been firkin PEACHY.

It's Bus O'clock. Let's see if I can write something.