Challenge #02742-G185: The Motivation Factor

For quite some time it's been well known that human life spans are so much shorter than havenworlder's, save for those factions that have found other means, electronic or body-swapping, to extend it. But one scientist has been working with a family for a very long time on changing that at the genetic level. Now, with his research in hand, he does a presentation to a scientific panel about his research with the family, how it could benefit humans and extend their life spans, and how it could be applied in the future. And, waiting not far was his constant companion who'd become more than just a friend. She was strong and healthy and well at over 150 years of age, still quite spry. She smiled with love in her eyes for the one standing there giving his presentation. Her name was Pam, and not long after they'd met, they'd fallen in love. And now, he was giving others hope as well. She was so proud.

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Nobody lives forever. Technically, the B'Nari can, it's just that they don't want to. The oldest known B'Nari "hung around" for an extra century "just to prove they could". According to their own journals, it was the dullest one hundred years of their life.

No intelligent life was ever made to be immortal. I kept telling my Lox that. He was four hundred and mumblety-something. I was Twenty-five and fresh to the family job. It didn't matter then. It still doesn't matter now.

He never groomed me. We just... talked science. Telomeres and life-extension and the thin line between potentially infinite rejuvenation and cancer. He once spent an entire decade -on and off- trying to convince me that printing myself a new, younger body to inhabit wasn't stealing a life. I even saw a documentary on the entire process. New bodies aren't cloned and grown - they're printed. like you'd print any piece of furniture. The last step is stimulating the heart and lungs before the old mind-pattern moves in.

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