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What an amazing co-incidence. Queensland's borders open up and Covid-19 comes a-marching in. Who could have possibly predicted--

Everyone with an atom of sense, that's who!


In the news:

  • Children once thought to be immune to Covid-19 consequences are now dying from Covid-19 in yet another example of wishful thinking combined with the people in charge not giving a fig about basic science principals so long as the all-hallowed economy flourishes
  • It has now been revealed that the Muppet attempted to sell Puerto Rico when he was also attempting to buy Greenland
  • A casino has been fined $5K for allowing people to spread the disease around in a move that will enforce nothing
  • American popular racist-named football team actually taking action to no longer be racist
  • Opening casinos, pubs, and other places has lead to enormous spikes as people inside flaunt social distancing rules meant to protect them
  • Victoria now thinking about lockdown rules that they should have enacted to protect everyone like last firkin month
  • Authorities telling the Karens and Koreys to follow the firkin rules for a change unless they want the aforementioned severe lockdown
  • Florida opened way too soon and that's why there's a spike - this surprises nobody who actually acknowledges the value of science
  • Pub customer limits have been halved and the very same people who were crying out for the re-opening of same are now crying about how merely halving pub occupancy is firkin daft. Make up your mind, dangit
  • Quarantine hotels are being slammed for (a) gross conditions (b) inconsistent handling of all issues, and (c) lack of policing of said quarantine
  • A billionaire is now howling for a complete lockdown in NSW - this is a dude in favour of greening Australia's energy sources and building special facilities for longer quarantines instead of relying on neglected hotels with shitty security
  • China and Australia still playing "everything-proof shield" with each other. Australia's prepared to issue Hong Kong expats extended visas and China is threatening its citizens and Australia about not doing that
  • A completely different billionaire and model Korey made the news for attempting to flaunt the quarantine in order to get himself tyres and a tattoo. He did it for the notes

You're the problem Korey.

It's almost bus o'clock and last time I read rather than wrote. Fingers crossed, I get a little something more done today.

Who knows? I might actually add to my GD novel.