Challenge #02743-G186: Gifts For the Pack

What happens when humans are so pack-bonded that even other species start acting like them? The same willingness and madness you'd see from a human instilled into a havenworlder,

Would they really be a havenworlder anymore? -- Anon Guest

Humans will pack-bond with anything. This is known. They will back bond with other intelligent life forms so hard that the pack-bonding works both ways. This has been fatal to some. This has been life-saving to many. For most, though, it just is until such a time as the Galactic in question realises that they have become, wholly and completely, a fellow member of some Human's pack.

Some people never greet this information well.

Companion Thriq was good at their job. They were a very good Companion to Ships' Humans and the rare Human population that was trusted to run relatively loose on stations. They had an encyclopaedic recall for faces, names, familial attachments, allergies, and all the little peculiarities that went with knowing Humans for more than a handful of consecutive minutes.

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