Challenge #03235-H326: Pack Bonding Exercises

H: Taking advantage, after long resisting the idea, of their friend's offer, they quietly go into their companion's quarters and crawl in the giant, pillow-filled, nest next to them.

A: Startled, but speaking softly with a tired tone "Hey! What's going on?"

H: "I can't sleep, I had another bad dream, can I stay here tonight?"

A: Gently spoken they smile. "Sure, no problem, I said you could before, didn't I?"

H: "Yeah you did, but I didn't want to bother you."

A: "Hey, we're friends, remember?"

The human falls to sleep, the companion dozing soon after, and after a few nights of this, the nightmares start going away. -- Anon Guest

Another fun-filled night in the lengthy occupation of Deregger Rehab. Rescues, escapees, or abductions by the kind of ships who didn't want to wait for a Ships' Human via legal means[1]. There was a lot of material on how to heal a broken Human.

This was just one of the many options available. Sleeping beside the Companion, so that they have company in the night. Some Humans did not trust that easily, and Human Sal was one of them.

Having her crawl into Companion Rask's nest was a momentous step forward. Rask would not betray that trust by doing anything they didn't want, so they offered a spare blanket and tucked themself in where they wouldn't drift towards Sal in their sleep.

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