Sunday, Day 0, Madness Soon

Plague News: Seven new cases, five local, two imports. Australia's at 92.8% first vax, 88% neat for fully vaxxed. Queensland's tied in last place for the race to 95%... for shame. We're at 87% first vax, 78% fully vaxxed.

Omicron's loose all over the world and I blame Capitalism and Selfishness. This is a disease that hits kids HARD and it's all because Humanity failed to unite and beat the first version over the head all over the world.

I am going to entertain myself until 4PM today so I can run a game at 11PM and then stay up to do my stream. Thank goodness it's the holidays because after that's done, I'm throwing myself into bed.

I want to throw myself into bed now, but I know how my sleep schedule works. Doing that won't do me any favours.

In the meantime, I'm powering ahead with the long-form romance version of all the Koshdelia stories I've been posting on Tale Foundry. And loving it.

In the news:

  • Some experts say that the Plague is burning itself out. Say that again after thousands of kids die from it
  • Protestors threatening to swarm, and bring plague to, a small city in Victoria. Stay classy
  • Dating site for Antivaxxers launches. I want to make a Cootie Shot Joke, but I can't figure one out
  • Plague loose at Schoolies
  • Parents of school shooter claim they're not in the wrong for buying that arsehole a gun

Enough of that madness. Let's have some of this madness...