Challenge #03328-I040: We Care Because We Care...

A Human has caught a bad cold, a variant not yet indexed into the immunoflu, and is miserable. They're coughing, they're tired; and yet, they don't want to make others do their work for them. Fortunately, they have friends that are a bit insistent on making sure they eat properly, and rest in a nice, comfy, bed. - Anon Guest

Their Human was exploding. But since this was a Human, they seemed to be surviving the process. The mask was a dead give-away that there was something amiss. The Fluvium Mask[1] allowed for maximum functionality whilst impeding anything that could possibly infect anyone else[2].

Other signs were the comfy uniform, and the generally slow pace of Human York as ze shuffled towards hir work station. Then there was what the crew had come to know as a 'zombie moan'.

The scans had an answer. Human York had caught a cold. Ze needed rest, palliative care, and perhaps some treats for the emotional boost. Upon hearing this news, Human York managed, "Nah, fam. I c'n still walk, so I c'n... still.... HATSHOOO! Work."

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