Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Every time I even think of looking at the stats, I get the morbs. So I'm going to try not doing that tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Speaking of luck, I tried to get some testing done to be certain of my body chemistry, but the doc couldn't understand why I wanted all that. The tests the quack wanted to do were all for a certain thing and they have hoops to jump through and bleh.

So my beloved went and got them ordered and I'm doing a fasting test today. Yay.

No coffee, no soup to start my day. Boo.

BUT I am allowed to take my meds so there's that.

I have a massive case of the Dunwannas today, but making content is my advertising budget so I gotta go make content.

I may look into merch designs. I may go off about how I have the best ideas when I lack the time/money/energy to enact them. I may just hide under a rock for the rest of today and not do anything.

I feel like I'm on the cliff's edge of burning out, but I also feel like I'm not doing enough?

I need to work on that.