Thursday, Day 0, STILL busy

I'm feeling a bit better about my place in the world this morning, but I know I'm still on recovery. So. No stats. No news. Just me doing my utmost to just achieve stability.

Speaking of stability, Mayhem is renewing his learner's permit, an event that I predicted. He's starting to realise that time and procrastination is going to bite him in the bum. BY having time and procrastination bite him in the bum.

...speaking of time and procrastination, I should focus my daily activities on including more dungeon for my players to dragon in. I have spent far too long on lvl 4 -_-

I mean, it IS a pain in the bum? But I need to get a wriggle on because my lot just hit their level four. Cranking up the CR all around :P

Fingers crossed, I shall be able to handle that and some editing today.