Challenge #02646-G089: Nothing?

Vorax-Ambassador: "Alright. I'm all decked out; got my calming Medication, my Weapons, my Suit, my Everything. I'm ready for this and nothing can Stop me!"

---'laughs in 4.5 Deathworld'--- -- Anon Guest

The Vorax are not mindless eating machines. Their metabolisms just happen to be set on 'rush' and they actively need dense calories to make it through the day. Usually. The advent of calming medication to keep their rage/pillage instincts curbed had helped diplomatic relations intensely. Therefore, the new livesuits for Vorax included automedication for the calming drugs.

Weapons, in Alliance ships and stations, were stunners only. This was far less than any Vorax was used to, but it was also nothing greater than any other species in an Alliance ship or station had with them. Therefore, Xarq was ready for an Ambassadorial Encounter.

The calming meds laid a soft blanket over his mind, and slowed his hearts. Not enough to be dangerous, but enough to put the edge off of his needs. Enough to curb the fight-or-flight response to literally everything around him. Enough, in short, to make sure he would think about how his responses might be received before he actually responded.

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