Nope, the world is still crabonkers

I checked the news this morning and... a shopper attempted to gouge out a shop staffperson's eyes for not letting them in. There are occupancy limits EVERYWHERE. Folks need to learn how to chill.

I also need to do some shopping before everything closes for Erastide. Chocolate for the family, cord for the masks we're making, coffee for my own sanity, and any little Erastide treats I can actually find after I unfuck my house.

I have actually started things in motion for getting an extra recycling bin, which is going to cost a little extra on the rates. Like less than $20 for the bin per quarter. Easy as. And for a bonus, we might be able to clear some recycling backlog. Yay.

I know I said the muppet owned the drug factory, I was wrong in that statement. He has a financial interest in it. Nevertheless, him and his party-mates are profiteering off of the crisis. People are dying, and all they care about is how to make money out of it. The mongrels.

They're even attacking the WHO after cutting funding. Like, what the actual hell? These are the people who are experts on health and, in typical idiot fashion, the GOP are slamming that to bits.

This is also the president who's shat on vaccines, and the whole party is anti-science, and apparently attempting to bring around the biblical apocalypse because they have faith that they're the ones who are going to benefit from the Kingdom of Heaven or something.


Onwards to the rest of the madness.