Winding Down?

Optimists are saying we might be free of lockdown procedures as early as May.

When the dust finally clears, epidemiologists will be comparing the Covid-19 spread in the USA versus how it hit in South Korea. Both countries got the virus on the very same day, but both nations had very different policies with how to deal with it.

S. Korea locked down instantly, put all possible effort into manufacturing PPE and making certain there were enough medical facilities to go around. Death count is up in three figures for S. Korea. Meanwhile, in the USA, the Muppet did the three D's [Deny, Delay, Distract] until it was PAINFULLY OBVIOUS he was lying through his teeth, and then the rest of the fuckshit him and his deceptive deviltry. Getting the Navy to do profiteering by acquiring any medical stuff off of other nations, and then starting a bidding war over all that noise between states and emergency services.

Result: expected deaths in six figures, possibly more. Of course they're selecting the people who survive on an economic basis. Homeless have been given "parking lots" to sleep on pavement whilst thousands of hotel rooms lie vacant. People with disabilities are going to be allowed to die whilst the able are permitted to live... with a lifetime debt to keep them under the thumb.

Also, the USA is going to have the plague for way longer than S. Korea.

It's all going to get down to who did what and with the correct timing, who actually gave a shit about regular folks, and for bonus points - who gave enough of a shit to the elderly and disabled.

The future will be judging our leaders by what they've been doing during this crisis. The Muppet is not going to look that great in the long run. For a man centred entirely around vainglory? That's going to suck major balls for him. I confess to a little bit of anticipatory schadenfreude.

Speaking of the Muppet... it turns out that the untested antimalarial drug that he's been singing praises about... is something manufactured by a corporation he OWNS. The Muppet is making money out of a huge disaster, and other people's misery. BIG. FUCKING. SHOCK.


See that rant? That's why I should stay away from the firkin news.