Challenge #03995-J343: How to Leave Without Notice

Jay is approached by his supervisor with offer of lessons to tend to kids, and to treat injuries. Next few assignments might need the knowledge. -- DaniAndShali

"I don't really know what I can teach," said Jay. "I know what I survived, but..." He trailed off, resuming his usual performance of attempted invisibility. An old habit from his time before he escaped.

"That's what you can teach," said Counsellor Tye retained hir normal calm affect. Being the island of tranquility in the room. "You have survival tactics that could help others. We can record your techniques and send them to resource centres. All to help those we can't normally reach."

Some struggles of the CRC were slow, and resisted at every front by the populations they were trying to help. Jay had learned this when the CRC took him in to the nearest Pax Humanis sanctuary.

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