Challenge #03637-I349: My Kind of Battle

Former Vorax, they gave up raiding which is all but unheard of in their species, much less their particular sect of their species, still want to fight, have competitions. Then they hear of humans having vicious battles where they choose a foodstuff and try to out-EAT each other. Battle where the losers are the ones that eat the LEAST food?? Now that is THEIR kind of fight! -- Anon Guest

"All I can eat?" repeated Vorax Daiv. They were already dribbling in anticipation. "ALL I can eat?"

"All you can eat," supplied Human Hal. "It's to celebrate abundance and plenty, and I think it used to be associated with harvest festivals, but... corporate got a hold of them and it's any excuse for excess at this point. I can guess you want to come along."

"Yes please and thank you," said Daiv. "What is on this everything to eat menu?"

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