Challenge #03182-H273: Turnabout Refreshment

ryivhnn68 22 hours ago

There will be an equivalent to this happening somewhere where the humans are silently or otherwise freaking out when one of their new friends just goes ahead and chugs some industrial grade cleaner or fuel because it's a delicacy back where they're from XD

From the comments -- DaniAndShali

Human Zen had been trying to get the gluck off a part for an assembly. It was some pretty solid stuff, and necessitated the kind of cleansing chemicals that could only be held in glass. As well as some fairly robust silicon tools.

She did not see Pippertaun Reask investigating until ze picked up the glass bowl and drank the lot.

"DUDE! That's sulphuric acid!" Zen was halfway ready to bolt or call the ships' Medik, but her friend Reask didn't seem to be dying. "Are you okay?"

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