Challenge #03822-J170: Some Culture to Bring Home

Unfortunately, the Thranityr, Daiv, is defeated in the eating competitions. They can't BELIEVE that there are humans that have more of a capacity than them! They'll have to bring this tradition back home, er... first let's ask the humans to help set up the contests. -- Anon Guest

Verne the Vacuum did have stiff competition. Unfortunately for Daiv, the goal was speed and not volume. Well, not completely volume. It was the most volume in the set time, and that was how Verne had the lead.

It was by a whisker, but it was still the lead.

Hal was fully prepared to console Daiv on his loss, but his Thranityr friend was bouncing in place. Judging solely by the curl of their facial tentacles, they were a very happy being.

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